Monday, May 7, 2012

Feature Idea: Pod Scanner

This afternoon on Twitter, someone posted a link to a killmail of a pod with a full set of +5 implants plus a pretty expensive hardwiring to boot. It got me thinking, wouldn't it be nice to have a way to scan down what people have plugged into their heads?

I poked @EveOnline and @CCPGames with the idea for fun, but got a response from @HLIBIndustry. After a brief public discussion on Twitter, this is what we came up with: there's a potential place in game for a pod scanner that returns what implants you have installed. It's the same essential idea as a ship scanner, but it only works while you are in pod. That means you can safely go about your business in an empty shuttle looking inconspicuous, but if you're dumb enough to autopilot in your pod with a full HG Slave set plugged in, then you're in for it.

Honestly, I feel like its the next logical step since CCP gave us implant loadouts on killmails. Popping a random pod in highsec has some pretty harsh repercussions in terms of sec status, but who wouldn't mind padding the killboard with some high value targets once in a while? This probably would be largely used for griefing, but it does have a lot of potential for pirate use as well. Scramble someones pod and then you call in a buddy (or alt) to scan down his head to see what he has. That would revitalize the ransom process as long as you're competent enough to hold a pod in place. Maybe its all too extreme or too niche for it to be necessary, but it could certainly add a lot to the game.

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  1. M8 us pie's have been asking for this since the pod mails started to show implants, would make perfect sense as a follow up, but tbh how long were peeps asking for imps on mails?? So don't hold your breath for this :)