Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Review 2/20

Happy Monday, capsuleers! Sorry, I know that wasn't funny. Anyway, not too much going on here, but wanted to get an update out as a few minor things this weekend. First of all, the interview with Kelduum and Hans Jagerblitzen is now up on the Voices From the Void Podcast. I haven't had a chance to get to listen to it yet, as RL is fairly busy this week. I'm hoping to find some time for it tonight though. I'm particularly looking forward to hearing more from Hans; I hope the V and V crew gave him some tough ones.

Wasn't able to log on a ton this weekend, but I still managed to get a couple good fights. I hopped in fleet yesterday evening, and the Red fleet was pretty quiet. A Vexor jumped into our fleet that was sitting on the Hageken gate, and I managed to get the killing blow, which is always nice. Other than that, it was a lot of hurry up and wait. We did manage to get into a fight with some war targets though. A scout relayed that they had tried to take cover in a dead end system, so we camped them in for a while. A Harbinger came out, quickly followed by a Guardian. The Harbinger was humping the gate, and so he eventually disengaged and jumped, but we made pretty quick work of the heavily webbed Guardian, and he dropped almost instantly. Its a shame none of his faction mods dropped. No big deal though. As it turns out, my trade alt climbed over 10 billion isk over the weekend! I may have to take out some more shiny ships and have some fun. Or maybe a little birthday present to myself (early March, take note of course). Perhaps a pimped Daredevil or something? I'm certainly open to suggestions!

Look for a review of Kelduum and Hans as I get a chance to listen to the V&V podcast later. Fly safe everyone.


  1. The podcast was decent and informative. Though, not great and too longwinded.

    I have Lol @ RvB pilots who think blobbing is actual pvp. Try doing anything but hisec wars and see if you have what it really takes.

  2. @Astrian: I figured as much regarding the podcast. A run time over 2 hours seemed a bit long, but glad it was worth while.

    Regarding RvB, I've hardly claimed it to be any "1337" pvp (although there are some legit guys on either side). In fact, I've said before that I totally agree RvB can be pretty blobby, but its good quick fun. Also, when 3rd parties War Dec us, nothing wrong with taking some pride in a kill based on good scouting and tackle.

  3. The interview was only 40 minutes long ... it was tacked onto the end of their regular podcast. Kelduum and Hans did take part in the regular podcast though, but it was informal stuff and not Q&A.