Friday, February 10, 2012

The Places You Will Go

I've decided to do a post very much akin to Rixx Javix's "Getting Around the Neighborhood" series. I'm a big fan of statistics and infographics, so I figured I'd throw this one out there. Let's start right off with the graphic.

Although its still pretty condensed, this was actually year of pretty high mobility for me. With 0uch, I got out to the Ammatar and Curse regions for the first time. RVB has had me get to know the Lonetrek area pretty well, and its arguably become my home for the larger part of the year. Lastly, my brief time with MV put me into AAA space, including my first trip through HED-GP into Catch. I even got my first ride on a Titan. I saved over that picture (doh!), but I do have the first friendly Nyx I've interacted with.

Overall its been a pretty good year. I've hardly become one of the space elite, but I'm still enjoying the ride, going into almost my 4th year!

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