Monday, April 9, 2012

Veteran Skill Training

I've crossed over the 55 M SP mark, and I have to be honest, its getting tough to pick out skills to train. Before anyone gets upset, I'm fully aware this is a good problem to have. A great problem, even. Its a problem none the less though. There are plenty of options, but its getting to the point where I have the skills I want and need to fly the ships that I do. All of my gunnery and navigation skills are top notch, so skills are becoming pretty specialized now. Let's take a look.

Amarr Skills - I am still a bit weak in Amarr skills. I don't have T2 guns for medium or large, and I'm lacking in Battleship skills as well. The thing is that I don't really fly Amarr ships too often, and the ones that I'm interested in don't have any issues (Curse, Pilgrim, Guardian, Slicer). I'm considering sticking here though because it could be useful down the road.

Capital Skills - I'm in good shape to fly a Thanatos now, but that doesn't lend itself to RvB too often. I could be somewhat easily persuaded to leave RvB, but no one's been knocking at my door recently. It feels a bit wasteful to train for the Thanatos when I've never undocked the one I have.

Drone Skills - The only real drone skills I have left to train are Heavies & Sentries to V. Again, I think the only place I would use these are Ishtars or Dominixes however, and they're not a significant part of the repertoire right now. I could see this being useful though, and it does help out for capitals (although not Supercapitals, obviously).

T2 Ships - I can fly all T2 ships, but I'm considering taking some of the skills to V. Logistics and Recons would be top of that list, as they both have significant reason to max them out in terms of fitting and survivability. Again, they're just not top of the list right now. Logistics would benefit Carriers as well though, given that Logi V enables triage.

I don't mean this post to be a bitchy rant. I think its representative of a larger problem for Eve. With all of the discussion about Titans recently, it makes sense that Veterans want to head that way. Honestly, there is not much else to train for after a certain point. I'm specializing in training ships that I don't fly (often) at this point. It makes me consider training up an alt or something, but in general its tough to aim for something higher at this point. I'd love to hear what other vets shoot for once they reach this type of situation. Regardless, life is still pretty good at this point being able to jump into a very wide array of strong ships. If you can overcome the bitter vet syndrome, its an awesome time to be in New Eden.


  1. It's a legitimate concern. I find that if you shift your focus away from skillplans to goals you want to accomplish in EVE, then you will avoid the bittervet syndrome.

    Let me expand on this. Skills are simply a means to help reach your end...which is the content itself. Bitter vets are those who can no longer be able to create ingame content for themselves to keep them playing.

    So the real question is; "Are you happy with the ingame content you are experiencing. And do the skills you have help you accomplish that?" Only you know the answer to that.

    1. All good points, Deen. I'd hardly call myself a bitter vet, but it is a bit weird having such difficulty picking something to train at this point.

  2. "I've crossed over the 55 M SP mark"
    cant be tommy rollins?

    1. Correct, sir. I still consider TF to be more of a "main" at this point.