Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Settling Back In

Hello again blogosphere! Its been a little while. I've been keeping up with things from a distance, but haven't had the time to write in a couple weeks due to settling back in at school for my last semester of undergrad! \o/  Anyway, let's catch up.

The Crucible patch dropped yesterday, and it seems like more good things. Personally, the new UI is taking a little getting used to, but its not bad at all. I think the biggest thing from this patch is the AF "rebalancing." I've heard a decent amount of clamoring that the Assault Ships weren't properly rebalanced. I'd agree to some extent. Does the patch make them better? Certainly. Its just that it wasn't really a well thought out type of better. Some ships needed an extra slot (Here's looking at you, Retribution), but many didn't. I'm not sure why extra low/mid slots were given out across the board. It seems like CCP heard babbling about "this ship needs an extra slot," or "this ship needs grid/CPU" or "Assault ships need a 4th bonus," etc and just decided, Hell, we've give them all of those things plus a totally random MWD signature bonus. That'll do the trick. Well, maybe it did, but it definitely wasn't what most of us were expecting.

On a totally unrelated side note, it seems that the prices of tons of modules have been trending upwards since the release of Crucible. I've been wondering for a while now how long this will hold. I'm not an economics wiz by any means, but my assumption is that the flood of returning players with Crucible drove the prices up on most commodities; however, there should be natural price levels based on the relation of ships/mods and their component minerals. So without doing the math, I think we have a pretty inflated market right now. Makes a trader a bit nervous.

That's my take on the state of things right now. Should be able to log in and actually get some action  by Friday. I'm looking forward to posting and actually playing more over the next couple weeks.

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